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Brian has been the pastor of a local church for over 40 years. He served as the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Richardson from 1990 until he retired in April 2007. In his retirement, he will be preaching, teaching, and writing. He will also serve as the President of SeminaryPLUS, a non-profit organization devoted to pastoral coaching and continuing education.


Brianís Lines is twenty-eight page journal published bi-monthly that serves as an excellent sermon resource for preaching. Each issue includes four full length sermons, plus four sermon outlines from the Old Testament and four sermon outlines from the New Testament. Each issue also includes an ongoing series of expanded outlines on a particular book of the Bible. You will also find in each issue of Brianís Lines a page full of sparkling quotations, six pages of up to date illustrations, an essay on preaching and another essay on leadership. Plus a book review on a current book that is relevant to the preaching ministry. An annual subscription to Brian's Lines, six full issues, is available for only $60.00. Send your check or money order to: Brian's Lines 5805 Sweetbriar Drive Richardson, TX 75082 Or call, 1-800-399-3462 for more information. OR You can click on the button below to become a subscriber to Brian's Lines:

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